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The Clark Law Office started in 1990 when Charles (Charlie) Clark graduated from Duquesne Law School and hung out his shingle.

But the desire to practice law and champion the individuals need for an accountable, honest and hard working lawyer started back in 1973 when as a child he learned that not all lawyers do what is in the client’s best interest.

Charles T. Clark

Mr. Clark was born in Allegheny Valley Hospital the day John Kennedy was elected President and according to family legend this was done to keep his Mother from voting for President Nixon. Mr. Clark has lived and worked his entire life in the Allegheny Valley Area having such diverse jobs as paperboy, grasscutter, printer and stocker at Joseph Horne's in the Heights Plaza as well as chief cook and bottle washer at home.

In 1984 Mr. Clark became an Auditor in the Allegheny County Controllers Office where he was promoted to Auditor II while attending the night division of Duquesne University’s law school. Upon graduation he opened his law practice and took a part time position with the Allegheny County Public Defenders office where he earned significant trial experience having done many Jury trials and an innumberable number of Bench trials. As a practicing attorney, Mr. Clark has appeared in courts throughout the commonwealth.